Burn all Last Two Minute Reports

Published by Axel on 3rd December - 16:01 (CET)
As the title suggests, burn all Last Two Minute Reports and do it quickly. For those of you who doesn't know about the Last Two Minute Reports, I suggest you keep it that way. If you feel like you want to take a more dangerous path, it's the reports the NBA releases about the calls - and no-calls - made in the last two minutes of every game. An archive of the Last Two Minute Reports can be found here.

I get it, it's about transparency. The intentions are good and I salute the NBA for it's willingness to be honest, but there's a line that just doesn't need to be crossed. When I recently watched my beloved Bulls fall short against the Clippers, the Nuggets and the Lakers partly because of questionable calls in the last few minutes of the game, I got pissed.

Against the Clippers it was an uncalled travel of Blake Griffin that resulted in a 3 or 4-point game.

Against the Nuggets there were two of them when it was still a 1-point game. An obvious foul on a drive by Jimmy Butler that wasn't called, immediately followed by a missed call on a charge.

When hosting the Lakers at home the officials missed a clear hand check by Brandon Ingram on another Butler drive while it was still a one-possession game.

I usually try to stay away from complaining about the refs. There's 10 players to look at, a million rule violations to look out for and there's only three guys to do it. Mistakes will be made. Sometimes in your favor and sometimes in your opponents favor. I have no problem with that.

What I do have a problem with are those god damn reports confirming that I was right about the calls mentioned above. Now I'm pissed for real. If the reports will do nothing but point out the errors, without taking any actions in retrospect, what's the point of showing them at all? It's just like the NBA wants to rub salt in the wound by saying 'Dear Bulls fan, had we made the right calls you'd be sitting happy at the first seed with a 14 - 4 record by now. We didn't'. Well, fuck thank you, but I want those god damn W's.

We all know that a few points swing in the last few minutes can be extremely hard to recover from in comparison to a mid game point swing. That's why a late game call has way larger impact on the game than an earlier call, but a game is decided by so much more than a few calls at the end, which partly is why only pointing out the mistakes made in the last two minutes feels unnecessary without any repercussions.

"I hate them. I hate the two-minute reports. I’ll go on record saying it again. It's bad for our game to come back with those two-minute reports. They come back and show the imperfectness of our game in two minutes, but it's imperfect the whole game. Let's not break down the last two minutes, as players get called out and fined for saying stuff to the refs but the NBA is calling our refs out for making the wrong play or right play. Let's just leave it alone... It's not making none of us feel better by saying ‘See, I told you.’ We lost the game. I hate them. I've said that multiple times." - Dwyane Wade, from last week.

So the fans doesn't seem to like the reports, the players doesn't like them and the officials themselves sure as hell doesn't. The National Basketball Referees Association, the NBRA, called for the NBA to stop the Last Two Minutes Reports with a official statement in early 2016.

"Transparency does nothing to change the outcome of the game, transparency encourages anger and hostility towards NBA officials. Efforts to promote transparency have encouraged the idea that perfection in officiating is possible, perfection is neither possible nor desirable; if every possible infraction were to be called, the game would be unwatchable and would cease to exist as a form of entertainment in this country. Transparency has been misused as a catalyst by some teams to mobilize fans against the officials in an attempt to coerce more favorable treatment. While the goal of transparency was to promote understanding and credibility, there is no evidence that progress against these goals is being made."

The NBA has in turn responded by raving on about full transparency and having the best officials in all sports. Again, I do not care about some missed calls, what I do care about are you guys throwing gasoline on the fire. Nobody likes these reports. Fix it, Adam Silver!

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