Not so splashy after all

Published by Yoshi on 25th February - 18:10 (CET)
When the Sacramento Kings shipped their superstar center DeMarcus Cousins to the Pelicans for Buddy Hield and a scratch-n-sniff poster a full three days before the February 23rd NBA deadline most people - myself included - anticipated the floodgates to open and the whole NBA landscape to get restructured in the coming days. The landscape, however, remained fairly intact and no really big moves were pulled off besides the DMC deal. Nevertheless, below you can find the most notable moves from the '17 deadline along with some of the most notable non-moves.

Nerlens Noel to the Dallas Mavericks. In the least surprising move since XXX, the 76ers finally shipped one of their young centers. There was speculation whether it would be Noel or Jahlil Okafor, but ultimately it was the former who was traded to the Mavs for Andrew Bogut, Justin Anderson and a protected first-round draft pick. If you have, like me, stashed Noel in Fantasy League this whole damn time you are thrilled, otherwise this move doesn't really get anyone's juices going unless the Mavs can find someone, anyone to play point guard and get Noel the ball.

OKC and Chicago swap role players. If you want the full report from an emotional Bulls fan you can check out Axel's requiem for Taj Gibson, but in short Taj and Doug McDermott were shipped to OKC in exchange for Cameron Payne, Joffrey Lauvergne, Anthony Morrow and a 2018 second-round draft pick. The move was delicately constructed by the Chicago front office to piss off both Rajon Rondo by bringing in another point guard and the Bulls fans by shipping away a fan favorite and giving Morrow Rose's old number.

Air Canada + Air Congo = True. Ok, this deal actually happened already on February 14th, but nobody noticed as they had to disconnect from the internet and focus on their significant others for Valentine's Day. The Raptors acquired Serge Ibaka from the Orlando Magic for Terrence Ross and a 2017 first round pick, beefing up their frontcourt in preparation for the Playoffs. If Ibaka learns how to block shots again this could be a real game-changer in the East. If he learns how to block and LeBron James decides to retire, that is.

A few more moves were made, but nothing that I feel is worth wasting ones and zeros on, so check out the transaction list on ESPN if you feel curious.

The biggest stories that don't boogie might be some of the players who were not moved on the deadline this year.

Paul is the last remaining member of the band. After one by one of the Atlanta Hawks' record-breaking quadruplet was moving on to greener pastures, it was expected that Paul Millsap would be shipped as well. He remains with the team, however, and can now focus on getting to the Playoffs until Dwight Howard picks up his obligatory injury of the year and the plans are derailed.

Superstars remain in Midwest. Both Jimmy Butler and Paul George were mentioned in a whole lot of trade chatter, but in the end both of them stayed put. There are, however, strong rumors that George wants to sign with the Lakers in 2018, so watch for this to become interesting in the coming year.

Melodrama goes on. I can't even joke about Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks any more. My thoughts go out to anyone still considering themselves a Knicks fan and having to watch this shit-show continue even longer.

That's all, folks. Does anyone have any interesting shows to recommend so I have something to watch until the GSW - CLE Finals is on?

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