Flagrant Flop - API

The Flagrant Flop API is a free REST API that returns current and historical data from the NBA.

All data from the API is returned in json format.

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Get API access

Each request to the API requires a valid API key to be passed with it.

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Available scopes

Each request to the API requires any of the following scopes to be passed with it.

Scope Description Updated Available data
boxscores Returns box scores and game data such as arena, attendance, officials etc. Daily From 2021-2022
daily_leaders Returns the top three performances - calculated by an algorithm - from any game day. Daily From 2021-2022
draft Returns information about draft picks. Yearly From 1976
injuries Returns current injury reports. Daily Only active players
players Returns detailed information on active players. Monthly Only active players
salaries Returns players contracts - including upcoming team/player options. Monthly Only active players
season_awards Returns the final votings for regular season awards. Yearly From 1976-1977
season_leaders Returns regular and post season leaders in a number of categories. Daily From 1976-1977
season_totals Returns regular and post season totals. Daily From 1976-1977
standings Returns the standings, categorized by conference. Daily From 1976-1977
team_stats Returns regular and post season stats for any team. The values are divided by a vertical bar (675|580), where the first sector (675 in this example) is the team value, and the second sector (580) is the opponent value. Daily From 1976-1977

Quota limit

The user quota is limited to six API calls per minute. All responses are limited to a maximum of 1000 results.


Parameter Format Required Desciption
api_key String Required A valid key to the API.
scope String Required Any scope from the list above.
order String Optional A single column or a comma-separated string with columns in prioritized order. Add +desc to any column to return the result in descending order.
limit Number Optional Any number between 1 and 1000. Defaults to 1000 if omitted.

Note that you can also filter a request by adding any number of filter parameters!

A filter parameter can be any column in your scope - followed by a matching value. Example: &season=2017-2018.

Following the equals sign, you can also use greater than/less than symbols like < or > to return results that are below or above your inserted value. Example: &points=>10.

Examples queries

The following query returns the regular season totals of three players from the Chicago Bulls during the 2017-2018 season. The players are ordered by the most (see +desc) points scored - followed by the least turnovers commited if any players had an equal amount of points.

GET https://flagrantflop.com/api/endpoint.php?api_key=YOUR_API_KEY&scope=season_totals&season=2017-2018&season_type=regular&team_name=Chicago+Bulls&order=points+desc,turnovers&limit=3

    "success": true,
    "message": "Your query returned 3 results.",
    "results": 3,
    "data": [
            "player_name": "Lauri Markkanen",
            "team_name": "Chicago Bulls",
            "team_abbreviation": "CHI",
            "games_played": "68",
            "games_started": "68",
            "minutes": "2020",
            "points": "1033",
            "assists": "79",
            "rebounds": "508",
            "offensive_rebounds": "79",
            "defensive_rebounds": "429",
            "steals": "39",
            "fouls": "103",
            "turnovers": "83",
            "blocks": "40",
            "field_goals_made": "374",
            "field_goals_attempted": "862",
            "field_goal_percentage": ".434",
            "two_pointers_made": "229",
            "two_pointers_attempted": "461",
            "two_point_percentage": ".497",
            "three_pointers_made": "145",
            "three_pointers_attempted": "401",
            "three_point_percentage": ".362",
            "free_throws_made": "140",
            "free_throws_attempted": "166",
            "free_throw_percentage": ".843",
            "effective_field_goal_percentage": ".518",
            "true_shooting_percentage": ".552",
            "position": "PF",
            "age": "20",
            "season": "2017-2018",
            "season_type": "regular"
            "player_name": "Bobby Portis",
            "team_name": "Chicago Bulls",
            "team_abbreviation": "CHI",
            "games_played": "73",
            "games_started": "4",
            "minutes": "1643",
            "points": "964",
            "assists": "123",
            "rebounds": "498",
            "offensive_rebounds": "159",
            "defensive_rebounds": "339",
            "steals": "50",
            "fouls": "130",
            "turnovers": "103",
            "blocks": "23",
            "field_goals_made": "382",
            "field_goals_attempted": "811",
            "field_goal_percentage": ".471",
            "two_pointers_made": "302",
            "two_pointers_attempted": "588",
            "two_point_percentage": ".514",
            "three_pointers_made": "80",
            "three_pointers_attempted": "223",
            "three_point_percentage": ".359",
            "free_throws_made": "120",
            "free_throws_attempted": "156",
            "free_throw_percentage": ".769",
            "effective_field_goal_percentage": ".520",
            "true_shooting_percentage": ".548",
            "position": "PF",
            "age": "22",
            "season": "2017-2018",
            "season_type": "regular"
            "player_name": "Justin Holiday",
            "team_name": "Chicago Bulls",
            "team_abbreviation": "CHI",
            "games_played": "72",
            "games_started": "72",
            "minutes": "2265",
            "points": "876",
            "assists": "153",
            "rebounds": "291",
            "offensive_rebounds": "31",
            "defensive_rebounds": "260",
            "steals": "80",
            "fouls": "134",
            "turnovers": "93",
            "blocks": "31",
            "field_goals_made": "290",
            "field_goals_attempted": "782",
            "field_goal_percentage": ".371",
            "two_pointers_made": "129",
            "two_pointers_attempted": "333",
            "two_point_percentage": ".387",
            "three_pointers_made": "161",
            "three_pointers_attempted": "449",
            "three_point_percentage": ".359",
            "free_throws_made": "135",
            "free_throws_attempted": "164",
            "free_throw_percentage": ".823",
            "effective_field_goal_percentage": ".474",
            "true_shooting_percentage": ".513",
            "position": "SG",
            "age": "28",
            "season": "2017-2018",
            "season_type": "regular"


This feature is not yet inplemented!

Feel free to send an email to info@flagrantflop.com if you have any questions.